Indiegogo: Avayava – Contemporary Dance Festival in Pune, India

Avayava – Contemporary Dance Festival Crowdfunding Video [Source: Swapnil Dagliya]

Via Indiegogo:

“Avayava is a contemporary dance festival organised in the city of Pune, India by Swapnil Dagliya in association with Swapnil’s Performing Arts & Contemporary Ensemble (SPACE).”

“With this festival we are trying to make contemporary dance more accessible to the audience in my city — Pune and on a larger scale in India.”

“We think that art is very essential for a person’s growth and education but somehow it is a seen as a luxury in developing countries.”

“With this festival we know that we will be able to generate an awareness about the importance of arts in the audience and it will serve as a platform to inspire young artists to come forward and take it up professionally.”

“We hope that you can see why this is so important and that you can contribute in whichever way you can — small or big to help make this dream a reality.”

Get a look at last year’s festival:

Avayava 2012: A Contemporary Dance Festival [Source: Swapnil Dagliya]

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