Vivienne Westwood Helps Refashion English National Ballet

English National Ballet with Vivienne Westwood – Behind The Scenes [Source: English National Ballet]

ENB does a nice job of hooking up with stylish collaboraters and taking their brand to the public. They’re one of the companies that’s gotten me really interested in ballet again after a long period of separation!

Via English National Ballet:

“When Tamara Rojo became Artistic Director of English National Ballet she set all of us, from dancers to those behind-the-scenes, a very simple but inspiring vision.”

“To be the most creative and most loved ballet Company in the UK…”

“And finally, we will achieve our vision by the way we present ourselves to the world. We are an ambitious arts organisation, Tamara Rojo’s creative leadership is bold and confident – our image must be so as well.”

“And that’s why, from today, you’ll see our new brand identity across all of our communications with you.”

“As well as a fresh logo and colour palette, an important part of our new identity is the focus on collaborating with creative people outside of the ballet world. We’re delighted to announce that our first such collaboration is with Vivienne Westwood. This iconic British fashion house worked closely with us to style our dancers in images that you’ll see across advertising and marketing material over the coming year.”