Les Twins: New Era Behind-the-Scenes, Vlado Footwear Instore

SB.TV – Behind-the-Scenes at Les Twins New Era Shoot [Source: SB.TV]

I assume this shoot was for an upcoming commercial since I can’t find anything else on YouTube or at New Era.

Les Twins are definitely one of my favorite hip hop-related dance acts.  I’m glad to see these guys getting some profitable gigs like the New Era commercial.

Les Twins Instore at Vlado Footwear w/Brand New Mind [Source: VladoFootwear]

Here’s some bonus footage with a commercial edge from late last year at Vlado Footwear in Los Angeles. Dancing starts around 2:00.

 I was so impressed by how Les Twins handled the Deon and Damon situation. They seem to have really big hearts!

Official Site: LesTwinsOnline.com