Drew Smith’s Smoke and Mirrors Features Dance by Asha Sarella of Bangalore, India

Drew Smith – Smoke And Mirrors (Extended) [Source: Drew Smith]

Musician Drew Smith of Hamilton, Ontario outsourced his music video to Asha Sarella of I Can Dance 2 and Vishwas Avathi of Fstopro based in Bangalore, India. It features some great Bollywood-style dance (I think that’s correct) and scenes shot in India.

Smoke And Mirrors – Behind the Scenes [Source: Cosgasm]

The video got a lot of attention, partly because they did a great job and partly because it was a unique outsourcing story. I found out about it through a friend in music marketing, Brian Thompson, and it also got coverage in The New York Times.

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Drew Smith – The Secret Languages (Album)

Smoke and Mirrors (Single)