Beyonce & Team Are Straight Up Ripoff Artists!

Beyonce vs. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker [Source: StuBru]

The above video reveals such a blatant ripoff of the work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and associates that I find it truly annoying to read headlines such as “Beyoncé Accused of Plagiarism Over Video“. But playing it safe is what the mainstream media does and speaking the truth is the role of the non-MSM blogger!

How’s that for summing up the difference between MSM blogging and true, independent blogging?

Here’s the statement from De Keersmaeker who definitely takes the high ground.

Beyonce Billboard Awards 2011 VS Lorella Cuccarini 2010
[Source: PopTopicTV]

Not sure how I missed the news back in the spring of Beyonce and team’s ripoff of Lorella Cuccarini as illustrated in the above video.

Why do rich people think they can take whatever they want? Maybe because we let them do it. Is it time for an Occupy Dance movement?

Just shaking my head as I reenter the dance blogging scene and wondering if I should keep giving Beyonce so much coverage.