DANCELEN(D)S Drops New Videos: Supernatural, 2011 Reel, Lulu Frost Teaser for

Supernatural [Source: DANCELEN(D)S]

Looks like I timed my return to dance blogging perfectly! DANCELEN(D)S released three videos last week including:

Movement: Leah O’Donnell
Editor: Eleni Brousta
Producer: Jennifer Madison
Director: Ezra Peace
Track: Trentemoller’s Take Me Into Your Skin

DANCELEN(D)S 2011 Reel [Source: DANCELEN(D)S]

The 2011 Reel offers a look at the range of cool stuff these people are up to. They ain’t playin’!

DANCELEN(D)S has an interesting mix of artistic and commercial work though the lines are pretty blurry given the artistic nature of the commercial work.  For example, the video below is a “40 second teaser” for, an Amazon luxury flash sale site that’s now open to anyone with an Amazon account. Frost Teaser

The teaser features jewelry designs by Lulu Frost.  It’s directed by Erin Judd and stars Martina Heimann.  Lots more credits at YouTube.

What a great welcome back!

Official YouTube Site: DANCELEN(D)S

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