With A Piece Of Chalk: Narrative Breakdance Video Featuring Justen Beer

With A Piece Of Chalk [Source: JuBaFilms]

With A Piece Of Chalk is a rather heartwarming short video about a young lad who uses breakdancing to rise above difficult circumstances. It stars Justen Beer who is a member of Hustle Kidz.

The video is a project of JuBaFilms based in Germany. You can see more of their work on their YouTube channel.

Marc Georges at Mashable has more:

“The low-budget short was planned over two months and shot in just 3 days. Music for the silent film was composed and arranged by Vincent Lee, another member of JubaFilms. The German team found Justen Beer, the young star of the film, online and contacted his family to see if they had any interest in the project.”

“Beer, now 12, is a break dancer for the group Hustle Kidz. ‘We were not only fascinated by his dance moves, but also by his acting and his dedication during the shootings,’ said Bam and Bao.”