PSY’s Gangnam Style Phenomenon Goes Worldwide

PSY – Gangnam Style [Source: PSY on YouTube]

By now I bet most All World Dance readers are aware of Kpop sensation PSY’s Gangnam Style video and horse dance. For some it may have been their first taste of Kpop though I think it’s quite a bit like the work of LMFAO as I discuss in a post at Hypebot.

Still, it’s given Kpop or Korean pop music a much bigger profile at a time when many groups were already establishing an international presence. But it’s not just the music that made this song so big, it’s the horse dance that PSY and dancers perform in the above video that has propelled Gangnam Style to worldwide fame.

Britney Learns ‘Gangnam Style’ from PSY on Ellen [Source: Ellen on YouTube]

Kpop’s been building in the U.S. for quite a while. Billboard has a K-pop Hot 100 Chart and U.S. stars like of The Black Eyed Peas and Diddy aka P. Diddy aka Puff Daddy have shown interest in getting involved on the business and production end.

But Gangnam Style has taken U.S. awareness to a whole new level with PSY appearing on Ellen, as seen in the above quick instruction video, and on both SNL and The Today Show.

Gangnam Style Flashmob in Berlin [Source: Jolin on YouTube]

PSY hasn’t just captured the States, he’s gone worldwide and one of the best bits of evidence are the YouTube videos of Gangnam Style Flash Mobs. I can’t find one that’s truly amazing but the point of flash mobs is that a bunch of people get together to have fun and surprise others. And they’re all over YouTube from all over the world.

I’m opening up the comments on this one. If you’ve created a YouTube video featuring PSY’s Gangnam Style or have a favorite video to mention, please post a link to it below.

My favorite other than the original is this live concert recording from South Korea.