Dancer Makes Music While Dancing Using Kinect for Xbox 360 & Chris Vik’s Kinectar

Dance Controlled Kinect Music (Part 1) [Source: Synaecide]

Dancer Paul Walker and programmer Chris Vik have been working together to explore the capabilities of Vik’s Kinectar Performance Platform.

The software is designed to take movement captured by Microsoft’s Kinect for XBox 360 and create music. In the above video, after a brief intro, you see Paul Walker performing live, triggering the music with his movment, at the PACT Theatre in Sydney, Australia.

Live Looping with Ableton and Xbox Kinect [Source: Synaecide]

And here’s the programmer, Chris Vik, showing he’s got some moves as well during a demo at Microsoft’s REMIX11 conference back in June. Check the video at YouTube for more technical info.

I found out about this through an interesting article on the project at Create Digital Music.

Official Sites: Kinectar ~ Project Blog