Nathan Barnatt Rocks! in Yelle’s Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix) & Madeon’s Pop Culture

Nathan Barnatt in Yelle’s Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix)
[Source: Nathan Barnatt]

Why have I not heard of Nathan Barnatt till now? This guy is great!

Look, this isn’t going to become the All The World’s Nutty Dancers blog but I am so busy sorting out my other business that I haven’t been able to do my readers justice. That won’t always be the case but, till then, posting stuff that’s just too cool not to post will be the game.

Nathan Barnatt & Jenny Fine in Madeon’s Pop Culture
[Source: Nathan Barnatt]

I do like him best when he’s wilding out. The repetitive side-to-side stuff will wear thin after awhile. Still, Barnatt’s a lot of fun.

Mashable has a bit more background.

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