Saigon Electric: Street Dance Movie Set in Saigon

Saigon Electric US Poster

Saigon Electric U.S. Poster [Source: Saigon Electric]

Saigon Electric, originally titled Saigon Yo!, was released in Vietnam is April and is set for release in the U.S. on October 7 after a series of special showings on the film festival circuit. Many of the roles in Saigon Electric were cast with dancers rather than established actors or actresses introducing new faces to the screen.

Saigon Electric aka Saigon Yo! Trailer [Source: Saigon Electric]

From the Seattle International Film Festival site:

“Boldly fusing hip-hop dance battles, romance, and a cross-section of youth culture in contemporary Vietnam, Saigon Electric is a film bursting with energy, showcasing a strong, youthful artistic presence in the global metropolis of Saigon.”

“Mai, a traditional ribbon dancer from the countryside, has arrived in Saigon for dance school. After nerves destroy her big audition, she meets street-smart Kim who hip-hop dances with Saigon Fresh, a local crew vying for the top spot in international competitions. After Kim disgraces herself in a battle and quits the crew, she finds herself falling for Hai, a rich kid with a powerful family who has considerable charm and the promise of a better future. Meanwhile, Mai develops a relationship with the captain of Saigon Fresh, and the film blossoms into an intoxicating double romance.”

Suboi – Walk [Source: 84 Production]

The above song is from the Saigon Electric soundtrack with street scenes that could easily pass for Los Angeles. Videos for Suboi’s Friends and Away are also available.

A series of posters have been released including this cool teaser poster featuring a boombox by Saigon-based 84 Production

Official Site: Saigon Electric