Pitbull & Wyclef Jean Headline Zumba Fitness Concert

Highlights from 2011 Zumba Fitness Concert [Source: Zumba Fitness]

The Latin music industry saw a big collapse after 9/11 in what had been a major Latin music boom in the U.S. What I find interesting is that I’m not seeing the recognition in the music industry of the current Latin music boom brought on by the fanatic love of Zumba Fitness. Not that the attendees at the 2011 Zumba Instructor Convention shown above are too worried about what music industry analysts have to say!

As you may recall, Zumba has also been promoting Pitbull’s single Pause with a fitness/music video.

Zumba Fitness at Nightclubs [Source: Zumba Fitness]

The convention was for Zumba instructors, so not everybody could go. And some people don’t like heading to the gym for a dance/fitness class, so the folks at Zumba had the bright idea to create Zumba Fitness at Nightclubs! I don’t know when this got started but it makes a whole lot of sense and looks like fun.

Wyclef @ SOB’s Zumba Class with Tanya Beardsley [Source: dew710]

Wyclef even made a surprise appearance at a weekly Zumba class at SOB’s (Sounds of Brazil) in New York City last year.

Whatever the state of the Latin music industry, Latin music and dance are definitely a big part of our current dance boom.