A Curious Invasion: Pearson Widrig Dance Theater & Connecticut College Dancers in Site-Specific Dance

A Curious Invasion [Source: Connecticut College]

Here’s a well-made video with highlights of A Curious Invasion, a site-specific dance performance, featuring members of the Pearson Widrig Dance Theater and Connecticut College dance faculty and students that took place in May. The project was sponsored by the Connecticut College Dayton Artist-in-Residency Program:

“‘We thought this site-specific work would re-familiarize our community with the familiar,’ said Shani Collins Achille, assistant professor of dance. ‘We sent them a video of a few places on campus, and the company directors said that choosing a space isn’t about having an open block of land, but about using nature to inspire the dance.'”

“Students and members of the dance company worked together to rehearse at specific locations on campus for several hours a day leading up to the day of the performance. The performance areas included the pillars outside Shain Library, residence hall rooms and even some of the trees on campus.”

“‘When I walk around campus now, I look at spaces in a different way, sometimes seeing remnants of ‘A Curious Invasion,” says Achille. ‘This is exactly what PWDC did: invade our space colorfully and beautifully, accentuating what we see everyday.'”

And it looks like fun!

Official Site: Pearson Widrig Dance Theater ~ Connecticut College Dance