Flash Mobs: Bowdoin College, Warrnambool vs Plastic Bags, Jamaica Reggae

Bowdoin College (Maine) Department of Theater and Dance FLASH MOB [Source: Tiffgirl01]

Flash mobs continue to grow as a phenomenon for having fun and for marketing purposes. Here are three flash mobs from the last month or so.

Warrnambool’s first flash mob hits the mall for World Environment Day from ABC Open South West Victoria

“They’ve happened all around the world – and now Warrnambool has become a part of the global phenomena of ‘flash mobs’, with a large group gathering over the weekend to perform a dance to highlight the over-use of plastic bags to mark World Environment Day….The dance was partly organised by the Warrnambool Environmental Action Group who were also there handing out fabric shopping bags.”

“Jamaica In My Head” Flash Mob in Union Square [Source: MyJamaicaJTB]

“The Jamaica Tourist Board and Flash Mob America teamed up to give New Yorkers a taste of sun, sand and sea at the Jamaica Reggae Flash Mob in Union Square, NYC on May 9. Featuring an exclusive dance remix of Ziggy Marley’s “Jamaica In My Head” the flash mob commemorated Marley Week and the 30th Anniversary of the passing of Jamaica’s music legend Bob Marley.”

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