All World Dance New Year’s Update

We’re finally settled in at All World Dance. Or I’m finally settled in to be perfectly accurate.

It took a bit longer than hoped with a newer WordPress theme replacing the new WordPress theme with which we started 2014. It was a bit slow and was unsupported but that’s behind us now.

I am still working behind-the-scenes and, though that’s kind of ongoing, the key pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Hopefully I’ll soon be posting more videos on a regular basis.

If you’re getting our email newsletter featuring the day’s videos, you’ll see that it’s double posting the title of the blog. That should be cleared up soon with a theme update.

More importantly, the “To” line may contain something weird because we’ve switched from Google’s newsletter service to Mailchimp. Google didn’t ask for names but the new service does.

I’ll be updating those of the people I know but if you’d like that cleared up, please email me:

Clyde Smith

And feel free to write me about any aspect of All World Dance or consider suggesting a dance video.