Cherokee, NC: Cherokee Pow Wow & Festival of Native Peoples

Cherokee Pow Wow, North Carolina [Source: RomanticAsheville]

Two special Native American events with lots of dancing happen this summer in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Juen 24 to 26 brings the Cherokee Pow Wow:

“On the last weekend in June our special brand of fireworks happen as a three-day explosion of authentic Indian dancing, drumming and tribal regalia. Dance competitions kick the excitement up even higher.”

2007 Festival of Native American People TV Spot [Source: CherokeeNC]

An even bigger gathering happens August 26 and 27 when the Festival of Native Peoples, formerly the Festival of Native American People, takes place:

“Indigenous tribes from across the Americas gather for the sixth Annual Festival of Native Peoples this weekend at the Cherokee Indian Fair Grounds in Cherokee, N.C. Considered the finest showcase of native dance, song and art in the southeast, the event honors the collective history, customs and wisdom of some of the oldest documented tribes.”

Dance is a huge part of this festival:

“highlights this year include the ever popular Totonac pole flyers of Mexico who thrilled audiences as they fly from a ninety-foot pole in a spectacle of swirling color in honor of the sun and the Totonac calendar. Four-time dance champion Tony Duncan of the Apache Arikara will perform the Hoop Dance.”

“Additional performers include Tezcatlipoca Aztec Dancers from Mexico City, The Pollen Trail Navajo Dancers, the Yurapik Dance Group of Alazka, the Laguna Youth Group from the Laguna Pueblo, the White Mountain Apache Crown Dancers of Arizona, as well as the Crow and Cherokee’s Warriors of AniKituhwa and the Raven Rock Dancers.”

For more information see the official site of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina.

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