How Philly Moves: JJ Tiziou Designs Mural Featuring Dancers for Philadelphia International Airport

how philly moves philadelphia airport mural design

How Philly Moves: Philadelphia Airport Mural Design
[Credit: How Philly Moves]

How Philly Moves is a unique Philadelphia mural that will be completed in June featuring images of local dancers as part of the Philadelphia International Airport Gateway project. The mural, designed by photographer JJ Tiziou, will be a 55,000-square-foot photo-collage stretching across four of the airport's parking garages. Apparently it will be one of the biggest murals in the world.

How Philly Moves: Painted Bride Photoshoot 2010 [Credit: JJ Tiziou]

How Philly Moves is yet another great mural project from Philadelphia's outstanding Mural Arts Program. Dancers from a wide range of disciplines were photographed to represent Philadelphia's diversity and the photographs were then organized based on how best they fit together on the public site.

Mural Arts Program Philadelphia: Random Act of Dance (RAD)
[Credit: Mural Arts Program]

Philly also boasts the Mural Mile, seventeen murals in downtown Philadelphia arranged along a walking route. The above video shows an event by dancers at one of the murals, Philadelphia Muses, organized by Rhonda Moore. It's another great example of diversity not in word but in deed!

Official Sites: How Philly Moves ~ Mural Arts Program