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Clyde F. Smith is the Blogger-in-Chief at All World Dance: World Dance News.

Clyde began dancing in high school in the musical Once Upon a Mattress.  He went on to UNC-Greensboro as an English Major but switched to Dance the next year, receiving his BFA in 1982.

Clyde went on to dance with small companies and produce his own work primarily in North Carolina and San Francisco.  His personal high point was dancing with The High Risk Group, directed by Rick Darnell, in San Francisco from 1990 to 1992.

In the fall of 1992, Clyde went on to graduate school, earning an MA in Dance Studies from UNC-Greensboro (1995) and a PhD in Cultural Studies with a focus on Dance Research from The Ohio State University (2000).

In the following decade, Clyde became a web publisher and professional blogger, creating content about music, politics and the music industry.  Though performing sporadically, this was primarily a time of alienation from the dance world.

In 2011 Clyde returned to the world of dance by launching All World Dance: World Dance News.  He is happy to be back!

You can contact Clyde F. Smith at: clyde(at)allworlddance(dot)com

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