After DanceLand? CryptoArtNet: A Directory of Artists Making CryptoArt

cryptoartnet logo - a colorful letter CSo DanceLand is no more and I’m moving on to other projects.

Currently I’m focused on the emergence of cryptoart, digital art that is tokenized on the blockchain. What’s that mean?

Great question! Tokenizing is similar to the creation of a certificate of authenticity tagged to a blockchain which functions as an open ledger.

CryptoArtNet is my new project, a directory of artists making cryptoart.

It includes both artist-maintained listings and cryptoart news.

You can follow our progress via our email newsletter or even apply to have your own artist listing.

Thanks for your support of DanceLand and All World Dance. It was a great run but now it’s over!

Clyde F. Smith, Founder