NONSTOP in San Francisco: Dancing on the Streets, Teaching in a Car [For Real!]

NONSTOP “Killin’ It” Dubstep Music by Krewella [Source: YAKfilms]

I know I’ve got to start posting some people besides NONSTOP but this is a bit too cool not to go ahead and drop.

Via YouTube:

Music “Killin’ It” by Krewella

NONSTOP One Shot Tutorial in SF [Source: YAKfilms]

So in the first video NONSTOP dances in the rain and, at the end, gets in his car for a tutorial due to the rain. In the second he picks it up from there with a nice little tutorial about “cuts.” I think that’s the term he uses. I need to learn more about this genre.

Via YouTube:

Music “Sunny C.A.L. (M)” by B’ZWAX