Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Short Film Naran Ja ft. LA Dance Project

Naran Ja (One Act Orange Dance) — A Short Film By Iñárritu [Source: TheCreatorsProject]

An interesting bit of experimentation with an interesting choice of shooting on VHS. Of course, you can get better quality on VHS but the choices made by Iñárritu are explained below.

Via The Creators Project:

“The L.A Dance Project, an art collective founded by renowned choreographer Benjamin Millepied (whose work you might recognize from a little film called Black Swan), recently formed to celebrate both traditional, well-known productions and innovative, experimental new works.”

“Millepied invited Oscar-nominated director Alejandro G. Iñárritu (Biutiful (2010), Babel (2006) to a rehearsal for the L.A Dance Project’s premiere performance, and Iñárritu was so inspired, he decided to make a ‘video-exercise’ to document the movement and dance in an experimental way, with a stream of consciousness narrative…”

“Iñárritu chose to shoot the film on VHS, which gives it a nostalgic, homemade feel. ‘VHS texture is for digital what grain used to be for film,’ he explains. ‘Digital and most film stock is so sleek now, that everything looks very plastic and unnatural. We have lost the skin of the images. Cameras reproduce reality much more sharply than my eyes can see and that’s why it looks fake.'”