Dance Music Video for Daniel Savio’s Revolt

Music Video for Daniel Savio’s Revolt [Source: MÃ¥ns Nyman]

This seemingly animated music video for Daniel Savio’s single Revolt is really cool. However, it has a surprising deeper meaning that I honestly didn’t get from the video:

“The video portrays and lends space to those otherwise ostracized by society – the hunted and discriminated. Drug addicts, crazies, prowlers and prostitutes have no place in society and few sympathise with them. These people are the biggest losers in history. We depicted them as animals of equal standing – crows, rodents and raccoons and transformed them into beautiful and powerful survivors.”

I thought this was animated until I saw the credits and looked at it in larger size.

Director – MÃ¥ns Nyman
Edit & Post production – MÃ¥ns Nyman
Dancers – Maryam Nikandsih & Sophie Augot
Styling – Josefin Hinders
Camera – Tobias Prag

Official Site: Daniel Savio

Available at Amazon: Revolt