Pilobolus x MIT’s CSAIL = Seraph (Dancing With Robots)

Seraph: Dancing with Robots [Source: MITCSAIL]

Seraph is a solo dance created in collaborative fashion between Pilobolus and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL):

“The quad-rotor flying robots developed in CSAIL Principal Investigator Daniela Rus’ lab were initially intended to fly in small groups without human aid, gathering information on whales for marine biologists, snapping surveillance images across large tracts of land and providing assistance with various telecommunication applications.”

“This summer, the quad-rotors, decked out in dazzling strings of lights, took to the stage at the Joyce Theater in New York City on an entirely different sort of mission. Along with the modern dance company Pilobolus, the quad-rotors told the tale of an unusual friendship between robots and humans in a dance set to a Schubert piano trio.”

Unfortunately, I know where this is heading. I saw Terminator!

Available at Amazon: Pilobolus