Reebok Classics Commercial: Reethym of Lite Dance Crew ft. Swizz Beatz

Reebok Classics Presents: Reethym of Lite ft. Swizz Beatz [Source: Reebok]

I’m not truly feeling this Swizz Beatz track International Party but I appreciate seeing all these dancers getting work in a commercial for Reebok Classics Lite line of sneakers!

Step To This: Reethym of Lite Dance Crew [Source: Reebok]

The above video features interviews with the choreographer, Hi-Hat, and the dancers:

“‘Collaboration is key,’ is Hi-Hat’s motto. Showing off their footwork in the lightest Reebok Classic collection ever are dancers Haspop, Lil’ Buck, Destini Rogers, B-boy LL Flex, Kelli Divincen, Daniel Graham, Duncan Tran and B-boy Lil’ Bob.”

State of the Art: Reethym of Lite’s Design [Source: Reebok]

This is a cool minidoc on the stage set for the commercial:

“Rob Bono [is] the production designer and creative savant behind Reebok’s Reethym of Lite campaign…turning Swiss and video director Chris Robinson’s ideas into pulsating, mind-blowing reality. With the help of laser technician Eliav Kadosh, their dream matrix of light and shows materializes before your eyes.”

Official Site: Reebok Classics