Mohan Khokar Dance Archives of India Opens Exhibit

Ashish Khokar Speaks at a Dance Event [Source: DevaniyaDances]

Yesterday an exhibit of resources from the Mohan Khokar Dance Archives of India opened at the Habitat Centre’s Visual Arts Gallery in New Delhi. The exhibit, titled A Century of Indian Dance – 1901-2000, features a wide range of items documenting the dances of India including books, photos, masks, posters and costumes. It will be on display for a week and then travel on to the USA, UK, multiple European countries and Singapore.

The Mohan Khokar Dance Archives are said to be the “most comprehensive compilation on the history and heritage of Indian dance” yet is still in need of a permanent home.

The collection was gathered by Mohan Khokar who found many ways to support Indian dance including building this huge collection and authoring literally thousands of articles and papers. Khokar died in 1999 and passed his collection on to his son, Ashish Khokar, an art historian who now advocates for a museum, ideally the Mohan Khokar Dance Museum.

Official Site: Mohan Khokar Dance Archives of India