Flex FX Productions’ Bollywood Dance Company Take Bolly-Flex on Tour

Bolly-Flex On Tour

Bolly-Flex On Tour [Source: Flex FX Productions]

Bolly-Flex on Tour is a new show from Flex FX Productions featuring the Bolly-Flex dance team that appeared on UK-based Sky1’s Got To Dance tv show plus the additional dancers that make up the full Flex FX company for a cast of 25.

Bolly-Flex Got To Dance Semi Final [Source: Got To Dance Sky1]

Flex FX Productions is based in Whitechapel, London, England under the direction of Naz Choudhury featuring Indian classical dancer Leena Patel.

For more about Flex FX Productions with some studio pics of the dancers, see The Bollywood Dancers of Whitechapel.

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