Shangaan Electro Music Pushes South African Dancers to a Faster Beat

Tshe-Tsha Boys [Source: jasondlane1 ]

I’m just now finding out about Shangaan Electro in the wake of the first European tour from South African artists. Word of this new music and dance style began to spread last year via YouTube videos and a record compilation from Honest Jon’s Records titled simply Shangaan Electro.

Shangaan Soweto Dance Party [Source: nialler9 ]

Shangaan Electro was developed by Richard Hlungwani aka Dog aka Nozinja (his stage name) who moved to the Soweto township of Johannesburg bringing ethnic Shangaan music from the Limpopo province with him.

Dog replaced the bass and lead guitar with marimba and electric keyboards, raised the beats per minute and Shangaan Electro was born.

Interview with Richard “Nozinja” Hlungwani [Source: Afropop Worldwide]

Shangaan Electro dancing features “hyperfast footwork” and “odd avian-like leg movements”. Performers often wear brightly colored skirts and outfits, sometimes sporting masks, as shown in the videos above.

Pretty wild stuff!