Dance Routines for National Dance Day

Mary Murphy – Everybody Dance [Source: Dizzy Feet Foundation]

Despite the well-established existence in the U.S. of National Dance Week and the global enthusiasm for International Dance Day, Nigel Lythgoe, of So You Think You Can Dance fame, and his Dizzy Feet Foundation found it necessary to launch National Dance Day which seems to have its primary presence on FOX’s website.

I’m all for boosting the profile of dance and these dance-focused tv shows have helped with that but this is a pretty blatant marketing maneuver and I find it disengenuous when Lythgoe states, “National Dance Day does not ‘belong’ to any single corporation, television show or charity…It belongs to the people.”

Robin Antin – Intermediate Intensive [Source: Dizzy Feet Foundation]

That said, I’m all for dance and good health and accept that marketing drives change in today’s world. So I’m going to view the creation of Dance 4 Your Life! by the Dizzy Feet Foundation and The Larry King Cardiac Foundation as an overall plus and share with you the three routines choreographers associated with So You Think You Can Dance have made available for use during National Dance Day.

Tabitha & Napoleon Dumo’s Master Class [Source: Dizzy Feet Foundation]

I like the fact that they’re offering three levels of routines and I especially appreciate the inclusive routine shared by Mary Murphy.

So, no, I’m not a hater but I am involved in marketing and I call them like I see them!

Official Site: Dance 4 Your Life!

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