Ballet Deviare Presents Disconsolate, A Dance Film to Waldlander Im Herbst by Celestiial

Ballet Deviare – Disconsolate [Source: Ballet Deviare]

Disconsolate is a pretty cool short dance film by New York’s Ballet Deviare, choreographed by Laura Kowalewski and directed by Adam Waltner:

Disconsolate is a powerful, soul-entrancing depiction which illustrates the depths of human suffering. Set to ‘Waldlander Im Herbst‘ from the Funeral Doom phenomenon Celestiial (Tanner Anderson), the piece evokes a feeling and mood that is as hypnotic as it is effecting. Prepare yourself for a bold and unforgettable experience. Disconsolate‘s staging and patterning were influenced by the ballet La Bayadere, Act II: The Kingdom of the Shades. Disconsolate was Ballet Deviare’s recognition of its ballet foundation, while simultaneously redefining its classical roots.”

Ballet Deviare was founded by Laura Kowalewski (Co-Director and Choreographer) and Andrew Carpenter (Co-Director) in 2003 and is “recognized for its fusion of contemporary ballet and extreme music.”

I don’t think Disconsolate is meant to be fun, per se, but I had a great time watching it and look forward to seeing and hearing more!

Official Site: Ballet Deviare ~ Celestiial

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