Lucky Break by Rock Funk Rock Dance Company

Lucky Break by Rock Funk Rock Dance Company [Source: Rock Funk Rock]

Rock Funk Rock Dance Company presents a hip hop dance/theater production, Lucky Break, July 13 to 23 at the David Williamson Theatre in Prahran, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia:

"Set in the suburbs of Melbourne, based on an article titled 'State feeling the sting of job losses', artistic director L.MJ Garduce and her talented cast explores the issues of the effects of the past economic crisis, unemployment and homelessness, and what we as the viewers feel and how we respond and stereotype those who have nothing but the street at their feet."

Lucky Break Preview @ Australian Hip Hop Championship 2011
[Source: Passion TV]

Rock Funk Rock founder Lucky Garduce states:

"The lead is a boy called Lucky who turns into a man through his struggles with long-term unemployment. He faces many tests of character in order to overcome what is just another one of life's hurdles."

Interestingly enough, Lucky (no relationship to the character) started Rock Funk Rock, in part, "to provide herself with another work opportunity."

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