American Bboy Crew HaviKoro Teach Jordanian Youth the Art of Breakdance

HaviKoro in Jordan

HaviKoro in Jordan [Source: Ammon News]

HaviKoro crew members Nate Cano and Rick Camargo from Houston, Texas are currently in Jordan teaching breakdance classes and working with experienced bboys leading up to a free concert at Aqaba's Revolution Square on Friday, July 15 at 7 p.m.

Their visit is being hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Jordan in partnership with the Princess Basma Youth Resource Center and Tempo Dance Studio. HaviKoro is teaching classes in both Amman and Aqaba and, though they've visited Jordan before, this is their first time in Aqaba.

HaviKoro Crew [Source: US Embassy New Delhi]

The US Embassy in New Delhi posted the above video of HaviKoro on their YouTube channel. They were doing a performance in Chandigarh earlier this year and shared this info about the crew:

"HaviKoro is a group of street dancers that are natural comedians, actors, writers, entertainers, poets, rappers, designers, and music producers. Based in Houston, Texas, the crew formed in 1999."

"Individually, their performance experience dates back to the early 1990's where they grew up dancing on the streets of Houston. They have performed in schools, churches, theaters, competition events, nightclubs, prisons, juvenile correctional facilities, drug/rehab treatment centers, and other venues all across the United States."

"In 2005, they partnered with Houston's Association of American Voices to perform in dozens of foreign countries ranging from Azerbaijan and Vietnam to Haiti and Argentina, as U.S. 'Hiplomats' representing the unique contribution of Hip Hop to American culture."

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