Side To One to Premiere at Adelaide Festival Centre

Lisa Griffiths Craig Bary in Side To One

Lisa Griffiths & Craig Bary in Side To One [Source: AFC]

Side To One, an evening-length duet by Lisa Griffiths and Craig Bary with media artist and sound designer Adam Synnott, will have its world premiere at the Adelaide Festival Centre's Space Theatre from July 27 to 30 in Adelaide, Australia.

Excerpts from & Interviews with the Creators of Side To One [Source: AFC]

"Exploring the concept of soul mates and human connection, Side to One follows two individuals destined to connect. Attracted like magnets they are never static but constantly evolving."

"The chance to find one's soul mate is a journey that all people go on at some stage in their life – the struggle of being accepted and even loved. Some find their soul mate quickly while others search eternally."

Lisa Griffiths Craig Bary in Side To One

Lisa Griffiths & Craig Bary in Side To One [Source: AFC]

In an interview with Grace Edwards for Dance Informa Magazine, Lisa Griffiths and Craig Bary, who have been working together for over a decade, discussed their working methods:

Lisa – "We are peers who share a great deal of skill and experience, so when we choreograph, we sometimes create phrases separately in the studio before coming together to learn each other's sections. Then together, we extend the material further. When making duet work we simply experiment and see where a movement idea may move us – sometimes into a dance lift, or one supporting the other suspended. We find these places by trusting and listening to each other, always keeping our connection and an awareness of each other's bodies. If we fall, we fall together, again finding a new choreographic outcome."

Craig – "We have also spent many a night with our heads near computer screens writing and rewriting concepts, ideas and grant applications, and refining what we discover in the studio. It has been a long and sporadic process of development spanning a few years. Each time we come back together we see what still inspires us and we develop those ideas, or throw them out and find new ones."

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