Angry Industrial Dancer tank9 Has a Posse!

Anime Expo 2010 Dance to Darkwave [Source: tank9]

Judging from his YouTube account, tank9 typically performs solo in various urban environment but for the annual Anime Expo in Los Angeles, he’s been dancing with attendees each year since 2009.

According to tank9, the Anime Expo crowd just keeps growing:

“I think last year, I got 50 [people] and this year, we got over 50 and we’re trying to fit everybody into a song that’s only six minutes long…Once we start filming, a lot of people want to jump in on the fun…They want to participate, which is a very good thing for me. It makes things a lot easier.”

Angry Industrial Dancer in Little Saigon [Source: tank9]

My favorite parts of this video are when tank9 is doing things like dancing at the checkout counter while making a purchase and, more generally, when he gets a slack jawed response from observers who don’t seem to know what to think!

tank9 says ​he likes “showing people that you can go and dance and have fun, make video anywhere and have people get in on it too so that they can enjoy their time here.” From what I’m seeing, he’s succeeding on all fronts. Except for the angry part. He’s way too happy for that but who can blame him? He seems to stay busy having fun!

YouTube: tank9

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