Lady Gaga to Guest Judge on So You Think You Can Dance



Nigel Lythgoe on Lady Gaga & SYTYCD [Source: Yahoo]

Lady Gaga has been announced as a guest judge later this season on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance. In the above video, producer Nigel Lythgoe discusses what Lady Gaga brings to the table. In addition to excellent advice about creativity and performance, he points out that “she has actually done what I want these kids to do, which is get an audience behind them.”


Lady Gaga Performs Just Dance on So You Think You Can Dance 2008 [Source: GagaBehindTheScenes]

Lady Gaga previously appeared on SYTYCD in 2008 where she performed that season’s theme song Just Dance. She has also appeared on American Idol as a mentor.

Given that this season of SYTYCD debuted with high ratings but has since been slipping, this move will no doubt turn things around, at least for that show!

Official Site: So You Think You Can Dance

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