LIGHTS & Prólogo: Dance Videos from Brazilian Street Crew D-Efeitos

D-Efeitos – LIGHTS [Source: D-Efeitos TV]

Since I don’t want to limit All World Dance to upcoming news, I’m going to start gradually posting older work by dance artists that interests me and that you might like as well. First up is D-Efeitos, a Brazilian street dance crew who got some notoriety in 2009 for winning the tv show Qual é o Seu Talento?

The above video from 2010 is to the song Porch Lights by VibeSquaD.

D-Efeitos – Prólogo [Source: BiduBR ]

The Prólogo video from 2009 draws on two songs by edIT, Ants and Twenty Minutes.

Note: edIT is a member of one of my favorite bands, Glitch Mob.

YouTube: D-Efeitos