Zumba Fitness Fanatics’ World Record Attempts

Prep Video for Upcoming World’s Largest Zumba Class Attempt
[Source: Genesee County Parks]

I saw news that folks associated with Philadelphia’s ODUNDE Festival were planning to break the world record for largest Zumba class over the weekend. Haven’t seen any follow-up news so I’m guessing they didn’t make it. But, during the process of checking things out, I discovered that breaking world records has become part of the Zumba subculture.

I’m not sure who actually holds the current Guinness-certified world’s record for largest class but that seems to be the focus of most attempts to set a Zumba world record.

However, Zumba advocates in Norwich, Norfolk, UK recently set a record for longest Zumba class by going nonstop for 12 hours. That’s a long time!

Clearly Zumba inspires some hardcore devotion.

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