Tiffany Rhynard’s Big APE: Everyone Can Dance

Big APE Flash Mob in Montpelier, Vermont [Source: Big APE]

Tiffany Rhynard’s Big Action Performance Ensemble aka Big APE began a series of performance events in late 2010 titled Everyone Can Dance:

“In reaction to dance competition reality shows that evaluate who is qualified to dance, Big APE presents Everyone Can Dance (ECD), a community based performance project that celebrates the contagious appeal of movement and the dynamic capabilities of the human body…These efforts culminate into a series of performances in three Vermont cities (Burlington, Montpelier, Middlebury) and will incorporate roughly 25 community participants in each location.”

Artistic Director Tiffany Rhynard directed Everyone Can Dance in collaboration with company members of Big APE, Misha Bailey, Sheriefs Gamble, Paula Higa, Winnie Looby, Hanna Satterlee, Ellen Smith Ahern, Marly Spieser-Schneider, and Lida Winfield, and composer/DJ Philippe Bronchtein.

Big APE took to the streets of Montpelier in January for some dancing flash mob action prior to the Everyone Can Dance show at Lost Nation Theater.

Music for this video was composed by one of Big APE’s collaborators Philippe Bronchtein.

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