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Dances for an iPhone Mobile App [Source: iTunes]

Dances for an iPhone is a free mobile app for the iPhone created by Richard Daniels featuring five dancers in six videos:

"Carmen de Lavallade (dancing to Sondheim's "Children and Art" and sung by Maria Friedman), Regina Larkin (to an original score by Gerald Busby in "Homage to Fellini"), and Megan Williams (to a score by Bill Conti). Christine Redpath dances the same dance to two different pieces of music: one by Erwin Schulhoff, another by Amy Beach. Writer/critic Deborah Jowitt dances and speaks four love notes written by and between Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein."

Volume 2 will feature Margie Gillis, Stephen Pier and Miki Orihara, Risa Steinberg (dancing to Purcell), Christine Wright and Molissa Fenley.

Dances for an iPhone – Q & A Session from Richard Daniels

It's a pretty straightforward project with dances and dancers' bios. To me the most innovative aspect is Richard Daniels interest in older dancers that goes against the obsessive fascination with dance as an activity for youth:

"As dance is often the domain of the young Mr. Daniels remains committed to showing the mature performer, telling stories of life beyond a period of peak physicality. He finds inspiration in working with performers whose artistry is supreme yet whose physical abilities may face limitations. Shot in natural light and practice clothes, these movies transmit an intimate experience of dance."

You can see sample videos from the iPhone app though I'm not sure why they don't go ahead and show the whole thing online as well so that everybody can check it out and thus extend the impact of the work.

The project is supported by the Baryshnikov Arts Center.

Official Site: Dances for an iPhone ~ iTunes

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