So You Think You Can Dance Competitors Deon & Damon Steal Routine from Les Twins

Deon & Damon Ripping Off Les Twins on SYTYCD [Source: ForeignerFilms]

In a heinous act of thievery on the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance that is being widely discuss online, competitors Deon & Damon performed a routine clearly stolen from popular French hip hop dancers Les Twins. This is definitely a stumbling block for Deon & Damon who seem to be good performers but thought they could pull off a move that could lead to significant problems on multiple levels in the future.

In the hip hop scene, biters are deeply despised. All World Dance supports originality in art and will not be covering Deon & Damon in the future except for news of justice served. Let’s hope they’re removed from future competition since they made the first cut.

Official Site: Les Twins