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Maos Last Dancer

Mao's Last Dancer [Source: Amazon]

I'd seen the news that the movie Mao's Last Dancer was being released in the States on DVD but when I checked Amazon it appeared to have already been released because it was, in Australia and probably other countries, and then was posted on Amazon by individual vendors. That's what happens in an interconnected world in which old school media is still playing catchup! In any case, Mao's Last Dancer appears to be officially available July 26th in the U.S. on DVD and Blu-ray.

Mao's Last Dancer Trailer [Source: maoslastdancer]

Mao's Last Dancer is the story of a young ballet dancer from China:

"based on the autobiography by Li Cunxin. At the age of 11, Li was plucked from a poor Chinese village by Madame Mao's cultural delegates and taken to Beijing to study ballet. In 1979, during a cultural exchange to Texas, he fell in love with an American woman. Two years later, he managed to defect and went on to perform as a principal dancer for the Houston Ballet and as a principal artist with the Australian Ballet."

I have yet to see Mao's Last Dancer but judging from the trailer it appears to have some excellent dancing with choreography by Graeme Murphy. So if you missed it in the theater, now's your chance to watch it at home.

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