Gerard Veltre & Phunktional: Hip Hop Dance/Theater & Social Awareness

Sound of Silence Trailer [Source: Phunktional]

Phunktional is a unique dance/theater group from Australia that combines a variety of dance genres with a special focus on hip hop and breakdancing in creating their works about social issues. Directed by Gerard Veltre, Phunktional has done in-school shows on topics such as alcohol abuse and sexual assault and bullying in the schools as well as other projects.

TEDxMelbourne – Gerard Veltre – Give back not pay back [Source: TEDxTalks]

It's actually a little confusing as to who's involved beyond founder Gerard Veltre, shown above in an appearance for TEDxMelbourne. For example, the Sound of Silence project is described simply as a partnership between Phunktional and other organizations featuring a group of deaf dancers who go unnamed.

My guess is that it's basically Gerard Veltre and whoever he needs for a particular project. They have a nice website but it's not really clear on a number of issues from who's in the shows to whether or not this is really a hip hop theater company or simply the community projects of Veltre. Hopefully that doesn't matter to their funders or audience (or the unnamed dancers!) cause it's left me a bit confused about who and what they are though they appear quite dynamic and worthwhile.

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