Black Swan Business: $305 Million Box Office, Mary Helen Bowers’ Ballet Beautiful

Black Swan DVD cover art

Black Swan DVD [Source: Amazon]

Black Swan, the movie starring Natalie Portman, is still pulling in crowds worldwide. Opening last week in Japan, Black Swan's box office take there brought the worldwide box office to $305 million making it one of the most financially successful independent features of all time.

Natalie Portman's Training for Black Swan [Source: Fox Searchlight]

Natalie Portman's trainer for the film, Mary Helen Bowers, had to temporarily shut her New York studio to train Natalie full-time. So she took the studio to the Web and now Ballet Beautiful has almost 8,000 clients who take ballet fitness classes online.

In addition to audio and video conferencing, the site offers streaming videos with DVD's and a possible book on the way.

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