Go For It! Hip Hop Dance Movie Opens Nationwide

Go For It! Trailer [Source: Pantelion Films]

Hip hop dance movie with a Latin edge Go For It!, starring Aimee Garcia, opened Friday in theaters nationwide.

I’m seeing reviews for Go For It! saying that the story has already been told in previous movies but, to be quite frank, I watch an average of a movie a day and very few movies have original storylines at this point in history. In fact, the majority of what gets those big budgets is a variation on previous tales.

In this case the Latino focus and Chicago setting suggests a fresh perspective. Carmen Marron clearly sees this in her review for the NY Times, where she notes some differences from related genre flicks, and points out that:

“‘Go for It!’ speaks to working-class young women without ignoring issues like race, class tensions and domestic violence. It’s never mawkish, even at its understated climax. Uplift with minimal fanfare? That’s no small feat. Latin spice only helps.”

Official Site: Go For It!