Artifact Dance Project’s Great American Dance Tour to Take 28 Dancers to China

ADP Promotional Film for China Tour 2011 [Source: Ashashea]

Tucson, Arizona’s Artifact Dance Project describes itself as a “collaborative performance group” working on a “project-to-project basis.” They’re now taking a huge project to China for three weeks.  The Great American Dance Tour features 28 dancers and 11 musicians in a showcase of American dance including such genres as tap, swing, ballroom, jazz, disco and hip hop in 23 dance numbers employing over 100 costumes.

The opportunity to go to China came through Larry Lang, a consultant on doing business with China based in Tucson, who made the connection with an organization of mostly US-based Chinese American scholars called the North American Chinese Cultural Association.

China’s Dalian Yilong Performance Company is producing the shows.

Official Site: Artifact Dance Project