David Zambrano’s 50collective Take Passing Through on U.S. Tour

50 DAYS/Costa Rica 2010 Presentations Trailer [Source: Rodrigo Pardo]

Members of the 50collective are currently on a U.S. tour finishing up today in Chicago then heading for Denver, LA, Portland and Seattle. They will be performing an improvisational work called Passing Through in established venues and at spontaneous opportunities as well as leading workshops

Passing Through is described as a:

“performance of collective creativity. Dancers spiral around, fly over, and slide under one another, choreographing the dance as they pass through the space. Moving to music collected from around the world, dancers invoke diverse styles and cultural traditions. They dance from their own experiences, integrating the facets of their lives into the phrases of their movements. Dancers surprise themselves and provoke the movements of others. They play to inspire creativity, physicality and artistry. They play to have fun. They play to move the spirit, Passing Through.”

50collective is a project of David Zambrano, creator of the Flying-Low Dance Technique. For 50 days, from January 25th to April 2nd, 2010, he brought together 50 dancers in San Jose, Costa Rica from 29 countries to teach them Flying Low and Passing Through and from there to spread the word and, hopefully to take the work beyond Zambrano’s accomplishments.

Official Site: 50collective