DANCELEN(D)S Debuts Short Film With Valentine Norton’s Project Valentine Dance Crew

manoeuvres – Featuring Valentine Norton’s Project Valentine Dance Crew [Source: DANCELEN(D)S]

I was very happy to hear from Jennifer Madison, Founder, President and Artistic Director of DANCELEN(D)S, a dance film company/collective based in Brooklyn. DANCELEN(D)S is currently developing a series of film shorts beginning with the above work featuring Valentine Norton’s Project Valentine Dance Crew, directed by Dominique Palombo.

manoeuvres features a very stylish group of dancers . I like the way you can’t always be sure when a time shift is occuring via dance or film.

“MOVE” | RACHEL Rachel Roy Spring 2011 Film [Source: RachelRachelRoy]

In addition to the series of shorts, DANCELEN(D)S also provides various commercial services and produces commercial work such as the above film for RACHEL Rachel Roy’s Spring 2011 Lookbook, also directed by Dominique Palombo.  Jermaine Browne choreographed with an absolutely beautiful group of dancers.

Ms. Madison says that, in addition to collaborating with dancers and choreographers, DANCELEN(D)S will eventually build their own company of dancers. There is also a feature-length film in the works.

leah odonnel

Leah O’Donnell [Source: DANCELEN(D)S]

Here’s a sneak peak from the next short dance film directed by Ezra Peace and featuring dancer Leah O’Donnell along with more pics for your viewing pleasure!

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