Claire Cunningham: The Mobile Evolution of a Dancer With Crutches

ME(Mobile/Evolution) by Claire Cunningham

Claire Cunningham combines multiple theatrical elements in her dances, including the crutches she has worn since the age of 14 due to osteoperosis, and has been described as a “rising star of the Scottish dance scene.”

The above video presents elements of her first two choreographics works, Evolution and mobile. She has worked quite a bit with Jess Curtis and Gravity who is credited for co-production of mobile. I’m happy to say Jess is an old friend from San Francisco who was part of a rich scene of performers I knew back in the day who have gone on to build really impressive careers.

Cunningham was recently interviewed by Gemma Kappala-Ramsamy:

“In 2007, I began to work on Evolution, which came from an odd little idea I had, of images I wanted to create, and things I wanted to do with the crutches. Mobile was inspired by an exhibition of mobiles by artist Alexander Calder [who invented the mobile] . They looked like they shouldn’t balance but did because they were so intricately worked out. I wanted to build a mobile out of crutches, so that was the starting point for that piece.”

She shared this advice for disabled folks wanting to pursue dance:

“I didn’t get into dance through conventional training, I looked for people who interested and inspired me and tried to spend time with them. I think finding a mentor who knows about what you’re interested in, who can give you advice and support, is vital.”

Official Site: Claire Cunningham