Among B-Boys Documentary to Premiere at LA Asian Pacific Film Festival

Among B-Boys Trailer [Source: AmongBBoys]

Among B-Boys is a new documentary from Christopher Woon aka Paper Son who filmed a growing movement of b-boys and b-girls in the Hmong American community to create an:

“hour long feature documentary focusing on two main story lines, that of B-Boy Sukie and the Velocity/Soul Rivals and twin brothers, Bboys Mpact and Villn of Underground Flow. The documentary takes us geographically from Merced, Fresno and Sacramento in the California Central Valley, to Long Beach, California to as far as Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s a multigenerational view of the impact B-Boying has had on the Hmong American community, the contributions made by these B-Boys, and the identities they are seeking to forge.”

Among B-Boys is having its world premiere at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 4th.

Official Site: Among B-Boys