Q’ Viva! The Chosen: Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony to Co-Create Live Latin Music & Dance Show

Jennifer Lopez: Louboutins on So You Think You Can Dance [Credit: HirsliHD]

Simon Fuller, infamous creator of such productions as So You Think You Can Dance, has signed a new deal with Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and director Jamie King to create Q’ Viva! The Chosen, a live tv show featuring Latin music and dance:

“Jennifer and Marc will embark on an epic three month long journey to create the ultimate live show celebrating Latin music, artistry and dance. They will travel to various regions of the Americas, from remote villages to major cities. Their mission is to assemble a cast of incredible performers of all nationality and create a spectacular live show which will become one of the greatest celebrations of Latin culture that the world has ever seen.”

I’d say that’s a bunch of hype except for the people involved. Simon Fuller has been named the “most successful British manager of all time” by Billboard for work with artists ranging from the Spice Girls to Carrie Underwood to Adam Lambert. He’s not only known for So You Think You Can Dance but also for American Idol and his list of achievements goes on and on.

Of course, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are world superstars and Jamie King is a major concert director who is currently directing both Rihanna’s Loud Tour and Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Tour. He’s Madonna’s creative director and worked with Nike to create the Nike Rockstar Workout. Again, the list goes on.

Q’ Viva! The Chosen does not appear to have a release date but it will be filmed in three languages and broadcast across North, Central and South America. Big business!