London’s Royal Ballet Makes Appearance in Covent Garden Apple Store

Royal Ballet in Covent Garden Apple Store

Members of The Royal Ballet recently made an appearance in the Apple Store in Covent Garden, London. I like this choreography quite a bit and think they’ve done a great job in a setting that’s probably a bit downscale for them. I have no idea what piece this is from or if it’s more of a collage but it’s fun to see the guys in sneakers!

Update: Missed this from the YouTube post – The performance was on Saturday, April 9th and they were “choreographing a piece with audience feedback, and the help of features of an iPad.” Cool!

The Royal Ballet recently announced its 2011-12 season which is the final season for Artistic Director Monica Mason who’s run the show for the last ten years. The Observer posted some highlight photos from her days with The Royal Ballet.

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